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return of the prophet

A modern-day Prophet is assassinated and his body cryonically preserved. Two hundred years later he is brought back to life, into a world now ruled by his own religion.  Also alive at this time is his reincarnated self, unaware of his former existence and what destiny now has in store for him.

In the year 2034 the Prophet Tobias is assassinated. His life, and death, irrevocably change the course of human history. Loyal followers cryonically preserve Tobias's body in the hope of one day bringing him back to life. This is despite the first tenet of his philosophy asserting the renewal of life. 

Two hundred years later the world is now ruled by Tobianism - the religion Tobias himself did not want. The Cardinal Hierophant Cairn is supreme leader of the Tobianist Church, and by extension, the world.  Despite the many benefits this new world order has brought, revolution is in the air. Freedom and choice, after all, are core tenets of the Tobianist faith. Something the Church seems to have forgotten.

Into this world a team of scientists succeed in restoring life to the Prophet’s frozen body. But he is not the man history remembers. In fact he is hardly a man at all.  In accordance with the first tenet, the spirit of Tobias has reincarnated and is now Rene - a young man completely unaware of his former existence or what destiny has in store for him.

In Return of The Prophet, Phil Moore begins an epic series of books that combine the classic hero's journey with science fiction, political revolution, and a philosophical core that goes beyond mere fiction.

This is the first book in the Lemniscate Legacy series of books. it can be purchased from Amazon below.

the shentama

The Shentama of Tobias
By Phil Moore

A companion to Return Of The Prophet.
This is the original holy book of the Tobianist relgion, as written by the Prophet Tobias himself.





fuck art, just tell the story

This is a non-fiction reference - a complete film school in a book. It covers Writing, Performance, Cinematography and Design, Editing, Sound, and Direction. With an addendum that looks at Producing and answers several Frequently Asked Questions. 

It draws on decades of experience making films and teaching the craft.

Produced in full colour, with lots of examples and illustrations, it covers both the technical and creative sides of filmmaking, offering lots of insights, tips and advice on all aspects of the craft. Unlike other books it does not focus on specific software tools or cameras. It's more about how you use the tools - whatever tools you have - to tell your story.

A must for the budding filmmaker.

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