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A Voyage To Arcturus

A Musical written for the Stage
Book, Music & Lyrics by Phil Moore


Maskull is like any other man or woman. He wants to understand. You know, the big questions – What's it all for? Why are we here? What happens when we die? To find answers he must travel to the planet of Tormance, in the binary star-system of Arcturus. But the lessons will not be easy. In fact he will die twice before he reaches his final destination. And meet a lot of very strange people along the way.  His absent guide on this journey is Krag, who seems to be the devil incarnate, and who abandons Maskull on this desolate and bizarre planet to fend for himself.

But he is not completely alone. Seraphina is with him every step of the way, challenging Krag and guiding our hero on his quest – even if is he doesn't realize it.

Based on the classic Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel by David Lindsay, A Voyage To Arcturus is a comic adventure. Philosophical and surreal, dangerous and mind-boggling; with a score that spans rock and Jazz idioms and various other eccentric forms.

There has never been a show quite like this.

This show is currently in production
and will be staged at the Peninsula Theatre Woy Woy in Sept/Oct 2019.
To find out more and follow progress on this project visit  

The Grandfather Paradox POSTER small.png

THE grandfather paradox

A full-length Play written for the Stage
Also adapted for the screen
by Phil Moore

A family struggles with its fate over several generations, all due to a paradox. Time Travel can be confusing.  


Patrick must travel back in time to save his grandfather. But once done, he is stranded in the past only to find his job is far from over. A connection develops between himself and the young woman, Nicole, who is destined to be his grandmother. His family's history is perhaps not all he has been led to believe.

In the second half we jump forward in time to before Patrick travels back. He is married with a child on the way, and 'nanna' Nicole is now an old woman. She is determined to complete what Patrick started (will start?). And even his unborn child will play a pivotal role in how things turn out.

And all because of an old photo, and a tennis ball. 

Script available on request.

The Show Must Go On

A Musical written for both Stage and Screen
Book, Music & Lyrics by Phil Moore

A Backstage Musical for the 21st Century. 
Whatever happens, just keep on singing.


Sydney is directing a stage musical called 'Pipe Dreams', but nothing is going right. As we watch the rehearsals through his eyes the show looks spectacular, but as the days wear on, reality overtakes the fantasy. Rehearsals are seen without the rose-coloured glasses, as the show reflects people’s real lives a little too closely.  Will the show make it to opening night? And what, or who, is Sydney prepared to sacrifice to get it there?

Script and music demos available on request.


A Musical written for the stage
Book, Music & Lyrics by Phil Moore

You might think you know the story, but you've never see it like this before.


Script and music demos available on request.


For a sample of other musical works check out the Guffnasm project.

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