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A few so far un-produced works.

Terra utopia

A Sci-Fi Thriller

Paradise comes at a cost.


An interstellar spaceship crash-lands on a strange planet. But there is more to this beautiful new world than meets the eye. And it's not just the monster in the woods.

  • Quarter-finalist in the PAGE international Screenwriting awards 2017.


Script available on request.


A Horror/Thriller feature screenplay

A screenwriter of horror films finds the perfect villain for his story. Or rather his villain finds him  Where did this psychopath really come from, and what are his true motives?


William DelMackie writes horror films (sorry – thrillers), but is having trouble with his latest project, until he discovers the perfect villain for his story - Victor. But Victor is not content to be a characters in someone else's story. He has other plans, which involve killing William and taking over his life so that he can continue his mission of purging the earth of the Human Species. Like William, Victor is a storyteller. But he wields his 'fictions' with a god-like power that cannot be stopped. No matter what happens, Victor will always survive, by simply inhabiting one body after another. 

But with William he finds a kindred spirit, and someone who might actually understand his motives. Stories can be dangerous things. Especially when the mere telling of them makes them real.

  • Quarter-finalist in the PAGE international Screenwriting awards 2016.

Script available on request.

Hair Trigger Poster SMALL.png

hair trigger

A black comedy feature screenplay

Surviving the next 24-hours is the easy part.


When Jake’s rapacious girlfriend, Nina, kills their coke dealer, it sets off a chain of events that will change his life forever ­.

You see, Jimmy was the son of one of the city's most powerful gangsters.  But he's not the problem. Jimmy's Irish-born mother is.

One way or another, someone's going to die before the day is out.

  • Semi-finalist in the Roadmap Writers/Route One Entertainment Screenplay Contest 2018

Script available on request.

the Time Rippers POSTER.png


A big-budget Sci-Fi Comedy

The only way to save the future, is to fuck with the past


Two young Cambridge University students invent a time machine that accidentally creates a rip in SpaceTime which threatens to destroy the universe. The only way to stop it is to ensure they never create the rip in the first place.

Along the way they kill Hitler, arrest Jesus, join the Persian army, go to Woodstock, and make friends with Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes. They also enlist the aid of two girls from New York, a census taker from the Middle Ages, and a young German soldier. But no matter how much they try to change the past, the rip keeps growing and the universe appears doomed. It’s going to take something truly extraordinary to sort this mess out.

  • Semi-finalist in the PAGE international Screenwriting awards 2017.

  • Semi-finalist in the ScreenCraft Sci-fi Screenplay Contest 2018

  • Semi-finalist in the Stage 32 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest 2018

Script available on request.

Artwork by Max Phipps

Artwork by Max Phipps

The Limpit Odyssey

A radio series in 4 parts


Malcolm Limpit is an unemployed, bored out of his brain, social forget-me-not type of guy looking for something to do.  When he receives an invitation to a party over his new crystal radio set he jumps at the chance.  Only problem is the party is on some planet called Thesmadol 3.

How is Malcolm and his devastatingly attractive girlfriend, Brenda, going to get there?  Who will they meet on the way?  What adventures (or misadventures) will befall them?  Will they even make it to the party without being eaten by a gigantic space whale?  And if they do what will the other guests look like?  And what is the message that Malcolm is supposed to deliver?  And who is he supposed to deliver it to?  And just why is everybody so obsessed with parties anyway?  And what did the old philosopher mean when he said 'There are motives within motives, shadows within shadows'?  And who is this Zog person everyone keeps talking about?  And will Malcolm Limpit, who has until now led an astonishingly unimpressive existence, save the universe?  And does anybody care??

  • Winner of the Ian Reed Radio Play prize in 1989, and purchased for production by ABC. Unfortunately it never made the airwaves due to budget cuts.

For a sample of other musical works check out the Guffnasm project.

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